About Us

Delta Avaran Nikoo (DAN) Co. with a superb goal for presenting high quality products  based on market demand, was founded in Iran in 2008; in order to make change in direction of improvement.

To supply the goods with suitable and high quality from authoritative and reputable Asian & European companies concerning paint & coating especially for car industries, related Equipment & Tools for painting shop; Car Workshop Equipment’s & Testing Equipment, and also Car Spare Parts; based on market demand in order to present appropriate and reasonable services with utilizing of professional people. Furthermore to increase the quality level of production & services of whole organizations and people that are active in mentioned above fields so that to achieve the beneficiaries’ goals.

DAN Co. intend to be one of the top five of paint & coating suppliers in local market because of awareness of the market demand with presenting the suitable solutions, in order to be approved by car manufacturers and car importers in Iran.

DAN Co. believe that:
To improve our professional’s customer business
To improve our partner’s business in our market
To improve our business because of our customers and partners